Geography Webbynar #5 (2020-2021) – Reidan Pawilen on cycling and safe spaces in the era of Covid19

For the first Geography Webbynar (formerly the Geography Brownbag Lecture Series) of the second semester 2020-2021, the UP Department of Geography welcomes back Reidan Pawilen who will give a lecture entitled Pedalling through the Pandemic: Rethinking Safe Spaces for the Cycling Community in the New Normal on March 24 (Wednesday) 2021 at 5:00PM.

Reidan Pawilen is an assistant professor at the Department of Social Sciences at UP-Los Baños. Trained in history and geography, his talk centers on his own experience as an individual cyclist and as part of the cycling collective in search of safe spaces in the era of the Covid19 pandemic. 

To register, go to this link, or click

This talk is co-sponsored and part of the Philippine Geographical Society through the PGS Lecture Series. 

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