Geography Webbynar #7 (2020-2021) – Linda Quiquivix on geopolitical mapping of Palestine

How can a group of displaced Palestinians overcome cartographic erasures in their homeland amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict? How can willful and determined mapping aid in the refugees’ quest to assert their historical presence onto the disputed land? Finally, how can the geoweb (through Google Earth) serve as a battlefield in the conflict?

For the 7th Geography Webbynar Lecture Series for 2020-2021 academic year, the UP Department of Geography presents a lecture entitled Palestine Mapping by Dr Linda Quiquivix. Based on her dissertation field research in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Dr Quiquivix will discuss how cartographically placing Israel’s founding and perpetual violence at the fore, as the Palestinian refugees’ counter-cartography does, can help to move forward the refugees’ demands for justice.

Dr Quiquivix obtained her PhD in Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was a postdoc at the Critical Global Humanities at Brown University’s Cogut Center, and has a certificate at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Fluent in Arabic, she has given several talks on the Israel-Palestine conflict from the lenses of cartography to critically examine various liberation struggles. Of particular interest are two articles she wrote that frame the role of radical cartography in the Israel-Palestine conflict: Art of War, Art of Resistance: Palestinian Counter-Cartography on Google Earth (Annals of the American Geographers, 2014), and When the Carob Tree Was the Border: On Autonomy and Palestinian Practices of Figuring it Out (Capitalism Nature Socialism, 2013).

This talk is co-sponsored by the graduate seminar class in Cultures of Mapping and Countercartographies (Geography 292), the Geonarratives Mapping Project, and the Philippine Geographical Society through its Lecture Series.

To register for this talk, click this link:

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