Geography Webbynar #1 (2021-2022) – Marco Lagman on archival advertisements of female subjects from 1880s to 1930s in the Philippines

For the 8th Geography Webbynar for 2021, Dr Marco Stefan Lagman will give a presentation on print geovisualizations of female subjects between 1880s and 1930s in the Philippines. The talk entitled Messages from ‘Family Photo Album’: Female Stereotypes in Print Advertisements from 1880s to 1930s, is on 9 October (Saturday) at 2:00PM.

Historians and geographers have long utilized written sources and visual records to produce knowledge about people and places at different points in time. Whether in written or visual form, such documents are considered “texts” that provide a window into the relations, behavior, and values of people in past societies and the spaces that served as sites of their everyday lives. Aside from photographs and political cartoons, print advertisements serve as important records from the past. Moreover, such commercials can serve as society’s “family album” that reveals information about its members and how they would like to see themselves. 

Dr Lagman’s presentation assesses how Philippine society “saw” its women and their place in Philippine life by classifying Spanish and American era advertisements for products and services that catered to or employed images of women. By reflecting and unpacking heteropatriarchy, this study likewise employs two particular methods for categorizing female stereotypes in print advertisements that may provide a more nuanced understanding of accepted female roles and behavior in Philippine society from the 1880s to the 1930s.

Dr Lagman who is an associate professor at the UP Department of Geography recently received his doctorate degree from Murdoch University where he produced a dissertation entitled, “Property Owners, Workers, and Public Women: Stories and Geographies of the Nineteenth Century Manileña: 1860 to 1896”. His research interests fall in the areas of historical geography, development geography, and disaster risk reduction with a focus on food and livelihood resilience. 

To register for this event, click this link

This Geography Webbynar is presented by the UP Department of Geography and co-sponsored by the Philippine Geographical Society.Email

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