Information for Contributors

The Philippine Geographical Journal (PGJ) was instituted in 1953 to serve: as an outlet for the scholarly articles for all fields of geography on the Philippines, Asia-Pacific and Global South countries; as a forum for contribution that establish relationships within the broader discipline; and as a journal for activities of the Philippine Geographical Society, field reports, invited essays, book reviews, featured maps, memorials, and selected International/National Conference on Geographical Studies (ICGS/NCGS) plenary speeches. All manuscripts submitted for publication should conform to the following requirements: 

MANUSCRIPTS. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Manuscripts should be in word format. Scholarly articles range from 4000 to 6000 words while book reviews, field notes, plenary speeches, and commentaries should be between 2000 to 3000 words. The editors reserve the right to stylistically edit articles and to reduce the length of submitted contributions. The APA Style is required for all submissions. 

AUTHOR’S AFFILIATIONS AND INTERESTS. Authors should supply, through a footnote on the title page of the article manuscript, and institutional affiliation. If a manuscript has been presented as a paper in a conference, workshop or symposium, the information should likewise be indicated. 

ABSTRACT. An abstract with a length ranging from 200 to 250 words should be included on the first page of the article manuscript with key words. 

REFERENCES. The APA Style of citation is required for all submissions. 

OTHER GUIDELINES AND INFORMATION. An article manuscript will be accepted on the understanding that it has not been submitted elsewhere and will be until a decision has been rendered by the Journal. A conformé will be signed by the author/s ascertaining that the submission is an original work, where the author or authors give their consent to its publication in the Journal.

The articles appearing in this PGJ issue were prepared in 2021 but are being released as a combined issue PGJ 2013-2014 owing to delays in journal publication.

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