PGS Lecture Series 2021-07: Soledad Dalisay on the role of cultural memory in disaster risk resilience

“Disaster memory is a strong political process: it modifies the perceptions of inhabitants … in a powerful, emotional way,” said Antoine le Blanc in 2012. Maria Kyriakidou extends this cultural logic by implicating the power of uncomfortable memory, or as she says “… there is a moral hierarchy in the way viewers remember distant suffering … [and] constructed through the intertwined processes of remembering and forgetting” (2014, 1474).

In the latest Philippine Geographical Society‘s PGS Lecture Series, Dr Soledad Natalia Dalisay focuses on the functions of cultural memory in the context of disaster resilience. Entitled Cultural Memory for Disaster Risk Reduction, the talk delves into the importance of remembering disasters and the ways in which societies remember. In this lecture, cultural memory will be defined and expanded and some of the ways in which it is expressed in both built heritage and living heritage are presented. Emphasising living heritage, examples are provided in the domains of local knowledge and social practices. Lastly, issues in remembering are discussed and future directions for scholarly work on cultural memory and disasters are forwarded.

Dr Soledad Dalisay is Professor at the UP Department of Anthropology. Her research interests lie at the nexus of cultural ecologies of health, anthropologies of disaster, and gender and sexuality. She served as the first faculty coordinator of the UP Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (OASH) for six years (2008-2014). Her latest publication is entitled Intangible Cultural Heritage which is part of the International Research Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia Pacific Region (IRCI) under the auspices of UNESCO.

The talk is on May 28 (Friday) at 6:00PM. Check this link to register for the lecture.

This talk is jointly sponsored by the UP Department of Geography and the UP Department of Anthropology.

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